History of the House
There is a lot we do not yet know about the house so this will be evolving
William. H. Whitely owned the house at one point. Did he give it the name Woodmount? He was
superintendent of the Griswold woolen Mill (
cite) and was also an inventor He invented and patented
an apparatus for degumming silk or other fibers in 1891

He also invented and patented a new and useful Improvement in Solar or other Baths in 1892
715 Darby Terrace, otherwise known as Woodmount, was part of the 320 acres (1/2 square mile)    
purchased by William Wood from William Penn in 1683 (see below) and  was a witness site to
Rochambeau's March as the army came down the hill into Darby on the way to the final
battle of the  Revolutionary War at Yorktown, VA. William Wood or his son Joseph started
the first Darby Mills and digged the millrace thru Blunston's meadow before 1695

Investigation is ongoing to learn when the present house was started and how it evolved.  
The property overlooks the former Griswold Mill and the Arlington Hotel, believed to
be the birthplace of
W.C Fields
This is a picture posted on Facebook by Barbara Seletti of how it once looked
This is a drawing by architect Alvin Holm on how it could look again