Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route   (W3R)
Benjamin Frankln and others were able to negotiate a Treaty of Alliance with France, who
sent troops including 4000 French soldiers under the command of General Rochambeau.

Rochambeau's troops landed in Newport, Rhode Island in August of 1781. Marching south
they joined with Washington's troops and in September, 1781 passed through Darby on their
way to the final victory of the Revolutionary War at Yorktown, Virginia. The column of men
and supplies stretched for 68 miles and took two days to pass. It was a peoples' procession
and citizens along the route baked bread and celebrated French help in our war for

The 680 miles of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (known as W3R) was
designated a National Historical Trail by President Obama in March of 2009.

We celebrate the W3R, Darby's role, and Darby area witness sites
Bue Bell Inn on Cobbs Creek on the Darby Road.
(Circa 1766 or earlier )Photo by B. Boarders
And three that sadly are not with us anymore
The Bunting House, 1205 Main, the Blunston Bake House next to Darby Library, and the
715 Darby Terrace, Circa 1750
Darby Friends Tenant House/Schoolmasters House
(Circa 1750)
1006 Main, (Circa 1734)