W3R   Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route
In 1781, French troops under General Rochambeau
marched with American troops under General
Washington to the final battle at Yorktown,
ending the Revolutionary War.

They Landed in Newport, RI and marched south.
From Philadelphia, they marched across the pontoon
bridge at Market Street and down Woodland Avenue

to Darby and down the Chester Pike . Here are a few
of the houses,still standing, they passed.
Vodges Street House - 1764 (54th and
Yocum Street House circa 1762?
(near 58th and Woodland, Philadelphia) -
Howe's Headquarters, near 68th and
Woodland   circa 1723?
Blue Bell on Cobbs Creek  - 1766
Fearne House, 1006 Main, Darby circa 1734
(Above)Tenant House, circa 1752 1019 Main, Darby
White Horse Tavern, Prospect Park, circa
(Above) St James, 1762 (68th and Woodland)
Bartram House, 1728
Bunting Twin, 1200 Block of Main
Street, Darby, Circa 1750
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