Valley House 1844-2016
One of the area's lost treasures is the Valley House on Darby Creek, just upstream from
Swedish Cabin. Built in the 19th century and connected with the mills in Addingham ,its
location on the greenway along the creek, is spectacular, however the building was demolished
in March of 2016

All signs point to it as a remnant of the Tuscarora Mills, developed in 1844 by English emigre
George Burnley (1804-1864) on the site of a Revolutionary War-era paper mill.The history of
Burnley's enterprise, which produced cotton goods and yarn, is amply documented, both in written
records and on maps. The site was one of the few buildings remaining to commemorate
Upper Darby's nineteenth-century industrial history. Tuscarora Mills operated into the 20th century
and played a notable role in the township's social history. It is not an entirely happy story
(the factory used child labor) but it is important to remember where we came from, to know where
we are going. Although the Valley House is now just a memory, it is still important to remember,
and the legacy carries on in
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Below- Oil painting of Valley House circa 1936 by J.P Hoot
Presented by the artist to the Birch family who lived nearby