For a number of years, the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer used the building as an orphanage (circa
1936-????)  Friends of Woodburne member Maureen Schlegel remembers visiting the orphanage with her
father who was one of the Knights of Columbus who would sponsor special events for the
There was a playroom (nursery?) and then where the children slept. The beds were iron or
maybe brass painted grey. I remember there was also an older dwarf that was one of the orphans. I don't
remember her name, but she liked me. She had grey hair that was pulled back in a bun and a red sort of
mole on her forehead. I also recall another orphan named Lillian.She was a twin from Hungary and my
mother wanted to adopt her and her twin. Maybe my brother and I were enough for my dad, because
adoption never happened. There was also a very long, windy --- and dark --- driveway that was accessed
from Providence Road. It's all houses now. I looked for it when I visited my brother-in-law."
Little Flower Institute - Orphanage years
Newspaper Articles-1936-1944
Below are 3rd floor pictures taken in 2011 on tour
with possible purchasers of the property
Here's the photo I mentioned of some of the Knights. My dad is standing behind the priest.
Gilroy Damon Plan of Property- 1935- Providence Road is to the right, creek at top