Architect Alvin Holm, AIA who serves on the Darby Historical Commission said this about 715 Darby Terrace:

“Although conspicuously suffering from lack of maintenance it stands proudly on a hill with a panoramic overlook. Seen
from below it is a commanding presence and a gracious introduction to an attractive little neighborhood to which it
appears as centerpiece. Directly behind the house there is a long “mews” (or alley) potentially very attractive, that
serves the picturesque residential streets to either side. This handsome house is positioned as the “Head House” for
what has become a cohesive little suburban ensemble. My own extensive experience as an architect specializing in
historical restoration and design in the classical tradition convinces me that this property is valuable in many levels, and
should by no means be lost to Darby. My tour of the house reveals sound construction and imaginative design, readily
convertible to a variety of uses at no great cost. When refurbished and appropriately landscaped the property will be a
source of civic pride and neighborhood delight.”