Darby from the air in January 1927
From the collection of the Hagley Museum Please do not copy or use without permission.
This picture is part of the Dallin Collection at the Hagley Museum. It was taken in January, 1927
(before MacDade Boulevard was built) and shows the area between the 12th street dam
(Suppplee Dam) and 9th and Main including the
1904 trolley bridge, the mill race "digged thru
Blunston's meadow," the houses on Chestnut Street taken down after Hurricane Floyd
(now Bartram Park),  and the houses along Main Street in the proposed
Meetinghouse Historic District. The white area to the upper right is believed to be the area
flooded  in the winter so people could ice skate.
The same photo also shows Old Borough Hall with the trolley tracks coming from the right of way
onto 9th Street, a cupola, and a garage on the back.