1006 Main
Said to have been built for Sarah Fearne, granddaughter of Darby settler John Blunston in 1734,
1006 Main is across from
Darby Friends Meeting and the Darby Library.
Main Street used to be known as the Darby-Radnor Road and the High Street. There is a deed
1729 which may have been for the property because it makes reference to both the mill race
behind the property and the High Street in front. More information and pictures can be found
here and here
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1909 Atlas map showing property owned by Wm. Robertson.
Pencil lines show where Mac Dade Blvd. was built.
Note 1904 Trolley Bridge, Old Borough Hall, Mill Race, Painter's Garden,
Friends Meeting House ,and Darby Library. Map was donated to Darby Library
by Skiles Montague.
More Pictures
We recently learned that the house was owned by Passmore Williamson between 1878 and 1885